Why Hydro-tek

For few years until 1994, we realized that most of hydraulic power unit customers complained unstable working power units, high percent of defectives in shipment, late response and late prototype or development from other power unit manufacturers Therefore, we started creating, designing of our own production system and educating the sales people to provide perfect satisfaction to global customers.

During short time, our brand name has been delivered to many countries by users' mouths to mouths and we are now exporting power units & parts along with perfect satisfaction to Japan, the USA, Canada, South America, Europe union, China & South East Asia. We always focus on producing the different hydraulic power units which have high technologies & reliable Korean made parts in competitive price

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Sales policy

1. For new type of hydraulic power unit project, we work with R&D and update the development status for customer's convenience, and make the prototype in time.

2. For high quality products in competitive price, we develop reliable parts in house or work with Korean subcontractors to provide customers products with real competitive price than other brands who use very cheap parts from cheap area.

3. For quick & wide service, we work with Branch offices, Representatives’ and Distributors all over the world.

4. For customers' inquiries & complains, we take them very seriously and quickly provide the wide solutions & suggestions by working with R&D.

Production policy

1. Through high grade educational workers, we built active assembling system unlikely other factory workers who assemble passively. (Human part to have "0" percent defective)

2. In machinery part to have "0" percent defective, we built Test benches in each production process (Machining part of manifold block, valve, assembling parts), so that one power unit automatically can be tested 4-5 times in process

3. We test 100% of products before shipping even though the order quantity is high

4. For economical production system but the best effective productivity, we build hydraulic theory & English language education system for workers, so that anyone can produce Hydro-Tek brand power unit in any place in the world.

R&D policy

1. Designs the Technology-intensive power unit and provide quick customizing power unit.

2. Works with sales division to provide quick prototype and provide high successful projects.

3. Works with Purchase division to have competitive price in typical power units & new type of power units

4. Provides wide solution by High educated engineers and chief engineers

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